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Nexsan SATABoy 14 Bay 28TB 3U Dense Fixed Capacity Storage System with both Fibre Channel and iSCSI Connectivity

Our Price: Call 866-801-2944 for Price Quote
In Stock: Yes
Manufacturer: Nexsan
Manufacturer Part No: Nexsan SATAboy


Nexsan SATABoy - 14 bay 3U 28TB SATA RAID Storage with iSCSI/ Fibre Channel Connectivity now available

Nexsan's SATABoy, a member of the Flexible Storage Platform, is a storage system ideally positioned for medium-sized businesses and mid-tier deployments in large organizations. With its storage capacity of 28TB in 14 drive bays, SATABoy's small 3U footprint is targeted at primary and secondary storage applications, as well as long-term bulk and backup applications. SATABoy is Nexsan's most compact storage system, where cost-effective high capacity is paramount–yet IT managers don't require the ultra-high density, scalability and capacity offered by Nexsan's larger SATABeast.

By employing SATA drives, SATABoy is much more cost-efficient than storage systems using the typically more expensive SCSI, SAS and fibre-channel drives. Because of this combination of high capacity and cost-effectiveness, SATABoy delivers the industry's best price/performance value in compact disk solution.

As with all Nexsan solutions, SATABoy is built for enterprise-class applications, providing tier-1 full redundancy and high performance at tier-2 prices. It's very easy to install and use. And SATABoy includes technologies that provide a combination of cost-effective high density, space efficiency and Nexsan's AutoMAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) level 3 energy-saving technology, which enables SATABoy to save up to 60% in energy costs.
Nexsan E-Series Connect with Nexsan today and register

Key benefits include:

14-drive SATA RAID system 28TB with 2TB drives in 3U Up to 2GB BBU cache

AutoMAID level 3 technology saves up to 60% in energy costs Includes both FC and iSCSI interfaces Combines SAS, SATA and SSD disks in the same system

Single or dual redundant controllers built for enterprise-class applications Three years advanced replacement warranty

Nexsan SATABoy Data Sheet:
Nexsan SATABeast High Density, SATA RAID Storage pdf Data Sheet - Click Here!

Technical Specifications:

Disk Bays 14

Rack U 3U

Controllers 1 Standard, Dual Optional

Dual Optional Controllers Active/Active fault tolerance and increased performance with optional second controller

Supports E60X Expansion No

Battery Protected Cache per Controller 1Gb or 2GB

Host Ports 2 FC 4Gbit ports & 2 iSCSI 1Gbit ports per Controller

Storage Expansion Ports for NXS-E60X N/A

Sustained Data Rates (with Dual Controllers) 1100+ MB/s Reads

Hardware RAID 6 Included

RAID Levels 0, 1, 1+0, 4, 5, 6

Volumes and LUNs 256 volumes per system / 254 LUNs per port

Standard Dual Redundant Power Supplies 2 Redundant Standard 500 watt 115/240 Auto-sensing

Dimensions Width is 19 inches / 48.26 cm.
Fits into a standard 19 inch rack
Height is 5.25 inches / 13.34 cm. (3U)
Depth is 20 inches / 50.8 cm.

Maximum Installed Weight w/ mounting rails, all drives and controllers approx – 49 Kg / 108 lbs

Operating Temperature Range 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)

Warranty THREE YEARS ADVANCE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY:Nexsan Technologies storage systems are warranted for three full years from the date of shipment. Upon verification of failure, replacement equipment will be shipped out to our customers. Return material authorizations will accompany all equipment shipped and can be issued either by our phone, fax, or email. (warranties are non-transferable without prior consent from Nexsan) Several levels of service upgrades are available for purchase.

Features: Benfits:

14 Drive Capacity Populate with 8 to 14 500GB/1TB/2TB SATA drives or combine with 300/450/600GB SAS drives

14 2TB SATA Disks in 3U for 28TB Easy to access 14 front loaded disks in 3U for 28TB of high capacity RAID

Hot-pluggable Disk Expansion Install new disks into empty bays and create a new RAID set for added capacity without any downtime

Single or Dual Controllers Use a single controller or use dual active/active RAID controllers for high availability

Multiple HA Access Modes Features APPA, 4PAA, APAL (also DCNR) connection and controller failover modes with full LUN access security

2 RAID Engines per Controller Two RAID engines per controller and four engines in a dual controller configuration ensures maximum throughput across all drives.

Fully Redundant All active components (RAID controllers, modules, fans, power supplies and drives) are redundant and individually hot-swappable.

Global Disk Spare Automatically starts rebuilding a RAID set by using a designated spare drive without requiring user intervention

Dual FC and iSCSI Support Dual FC and iSCSI ports and connectivity are a standard feature for flexible system deployment

Supports Multiple RAID sets and LUNs Support diverse servers and applications with multiple RAID sets and multiple volumes per RAID set for a total of 254 LUNs

2GB Battery Backed Cache Increased performance with up to 2GB cache per controller with 72hr of data retention

Mix SATA and SAS Drive Types Combine SATA and SAS drives in the same storage system to address diverse applications

Redundant Power Supplies Two redundant power supplies with tachometer-monitored blowers are standard to provide maximum power, cooling and high availability

No Special Software Needed Completely OS independent and standards based - no special software drivers required

Embedded GUI Simple management using the embedded browser based web GUI over the 10/100/1000 IP port, supports email alerts and SNMP traps

Nexsan Storage Tools Manage and configure multiple Nexsan RAID storage systems from a single interface

AutoMAID - 60% Savings Reduced energy consumption and costs by 60% through AutoMAID technology.

Nexsan Storage - Lease Options Available

Nexsan Storage Lease Options Available!

AVOID OBSOLESCENCE. Since upgrading is so easy, the most modern equipment is always available.
MANAGE CASH FLOW. Payments will be structured to meet cash flow needs and upgrading a system or adding new equipment is possible without any additional cash outlays. Payments can be structured so monthly payment stays the same simply by extending the lease term.
STAY COMPETITIVE. Increase efficiencies and satisfaction by maintaining the latest technology.

Contact us today for a competitive Nexsan lease rate!  866 801 2944

NEXSAN SATABoy part number / configurations  

SATABoy, 4Gb Fibre Host Interface Part Number
4Gb Fibre (2) and iSCSI (2) connections, Single Controller, 14 Bay, 3U, 1GB Cache  
Configured with (8 Western Digital) 1TB Disks / 7200 RPM (See note 1)  F1F081000WERG
Configured with (8 Hitachi) 1TB Disks / 7200 RPM  F1F081000HERG
Configured with (8 Hitachi) 2TB Disks / 7200 RPM  F1F082000HERG
Configured with (14 Western Digital) 1TB Disks / 7200 RPM (See note 1)  F1F141000WERG
Configured with (14 Hitachi) 1TB Disks / 7200 RPM  F1F141000HERG
Configured with (14 Hitachi) 2TB Disks / 7200 RPM  F1F142000HERG
Second Fibre Controller 4Gb (2) and iSCSI (2) connections with 1GB Cache CTR-017-1000
2GB Controller Cache RAM module (this replaces the 1GB currently installed) KIT-DDR2-001

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