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Qualstar TLS-5000 Tape Library System for SAIT Tape Drives

Our Price: Call for Special Pricing
In Stock: Yes
Manufacturer: Qualstar
Manufacturer Part No: TLS-5000


The TLS-5000 Series is the first family of Automated Tape Libraries using Sonys new SAIT (SuperAIT) tape drive technology to deliver ultra-dense enterprise class backup and near online data storage solutions.

The SAIT-1 tape drive is the result of combining the best features of Sonys widely used AIT recording technology with the increased media area afforded by the ½-inch tape format. In Qualstars advanced robotic design, SAIT yields industry-leading capacity, storage density, performance and reliability.

Seamless, Transparent Integration

  • Concurrent data transfer by up to eight SAIT-1 drives provides high data rates
  • SANSmart Fibre Channel technology and multiple SCSI busses speed integration
  • Supported by all leading backup and storage management applications
  • Installation and support by leading VARs and Integrators, worldwide
  • Extremely low cost per terabyte

SAIT-1 High Performance

  • Up to 340 terabytes capacity
  • Data transfer rates exceeding 2.2 terabytes per hour
  • Four TLS-5000 SAIT models
  • Individual models house up to eight tape drives
  • Storage densities up to 45 terabytes per square foot

Expandability Protects ROI

  • Upgrade kits for two models available to double number of tapes
  • Additional drives are easy and fast to install
  • Tape drives in plug-in cannisters with individual cooling fans enhance reliability
  • Easy user drive installation in less than one minute
  • Capacity expansion kits take less than one hour to install

Reliable, Intelligent Robotics

  • Patented mechanism with unique leadscrew-based robotics
  • Brushless motors and closed-loop servo control systems
  • Precise positioning and flawless media handling
  • Adjustments eliminated by sophisticated, adaptive 'smart logic design
  • Filtered, positive air pressure to extend tape and head life

Powerful User Interface

  • Intuitive menu-driven control system provides easy-to-use installation
  • Configuration and operation information via the large LCD panel
  • Critical operating messages displayed with audible alarms signal immediate action
  • Q-Link browser-based remote library manager allows any library to be configured, monitored and managed from anywhere in the world

Advanced Cartridge Management And Security

  • Bar code scanning enhances throughput and controls the media inventory
  • Qualstars exclusive VIOP, Variable I/O Port, allows user to set how many slots to commit to importing and exporting tapes, providing unmatched flexibility and control
  • Inventory Sentry senses whether the tapes or magazines have been moved when the door is opened. If not, operation is resumed without causing a time consuming reinventory.

Logical Library

  • Logical Library partitioning is built into all SCSI TLS-5000 models to allow up to four servers to share a library, even if each server is running a separate application.
Feature Benefit
Widest capacity range Common format throughout the enterprise
Up to eight SAIT-1 tape drives High throughput, concurrent read and write
Q-Link Web browser based remote library manager
VIOP Application controls tape inventory, bulk tape import/export
I/O Port Application controls tape inventory.
Logical Library Partitioning (SCSI only) Supports up to four separate partitions.
WORM tape option (Pending) Lowest cost, unalterable storage.
Automatic alignment No tools or procedures
No electrical or mechanical adjustments Easy, fast installation
Barcode scanner Better media inventory control
Positive-pressure, filtered air system Reduces contamination, protects media
Brushless motors Exceptional reliability


Specifications Table


Engineered for Reliability:
  • Pre-wired tape drive mounting slots
  • All brushless DC motors
  • Self-calibrating digital servo control system
  • Auto-aligning. No mechanical or electrical adjustments
  • Over 1,000,000 MEBF
  • Automated tape drive cleaning
Comprehensive User Interface:
  • Back-lighted 80 character display
  • Q-Link Remote Library manager
  • Control panel menu system for easy installation, configuration, operation and maintenance.
Efficient Media Control:
  • Bar code scanning of data cartridges
  • Key Locked door with Large Window VIOP
  • Variable I/O port for inserting and removing cartridges or magazines
  • Inventory Sentry minimizes offline time
  • 2Gb SANSmart Fibre Channel options
  • LVD SCSI interface
  • Multiple SCSI bus connections
  • Logical Library Partioning (SCSI only)
  • Simultaneous random and multi-sequential operating modes
  • Selectable recycling and dual-bin sequential modes

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