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Overland Storage Releases SnapServer XSD 40 - Expand and Sync on your Desktop

Built upon the award winning GuardianOS, the SnapServer XSD 40 offers enterprise class management and data protection features, all in a desktop form factor. Ideal for file sharing and remote access the SnapServer XSD 40 supports SATA-II hard drives and is scalable up to 16TB. The SnapServer GuardianOS includes DynamicRAID for seamless storage expansion by adding or replacing hard drives as capacity requirements change. In addition, all SnapServer storage volumes can grow or shrink dynamically within the storage pool without IT intervention, preventing costly provisioning errors and unnecessary upgrades.

The New Desktop NAS by Overland Storage runs on the Enterprise Class Storage Software GuardianOS 7.6, iSCSI Support included, SnapShots included, Replicate with Snap EDR, Sync and mobile access via BitTorrent Sync with DynamicRAID Single or Dual Parity, Traditional RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10.  Drives Type Supported include Enterprise Class SATA 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB, with 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports, Support for stand-alone, failover and load balancing modes.

USB Interface for RDX (Removable Disk Storage), UPS, Tape Devices and Printers.

Configurations for the SnapServer XSD 40 include:

SnapServer XSD 40, 2TB SATA Bundle (2X1TB) OT-NAS200203

SnapServer XSD 40, 4TB SATA Bundle (2X2TB) OT-NAS200204

SnapServer XSD 40, 6TB SATA Bundle (2X3TB) OT-NAS200205

SnapServer XSD 40, 8TB SATA Bundle (2X4TB) OT-NAS200206

SnapServer XSD 40, 4TB SATA Bundle (4X1TB) OT-NAS200207

SnapServer XSD 40, 8TB SATA Bundle (4X2TB) OT-NAS200208

SnapServer XSD 40, 12TB SATA Bundle (4X3TB) OT-NAS200209

SnapServer XSD 40, 16TB SATA Bundle (4X4TB) OT-NAS200210

ACC - SnapServer XSD 40 1TB SATA ENT w/Carrier OT-ACC902022

ACC - SnapServer XSD 40 2TB SATA ENT w/Carrier OT-ACC902023

ACC - SnapServer XSD 40 3TB SATA ENT w/Carrier OT-ACC902024

ACC - SnapServer XSD 40 4TB SATA ENT w/Carrier OT-ACC902025

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