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Here's why HPE LTO Ultrium media is so outstanding

You cannot tell the quality of a piece of tape media just by looking at it. It's easy to see the price tag but impossible to see the nine critical factors that determine whether one tape is more reliable than another.

1. Low Error Rate

Error rate is the fundamental measure of whether a tape is performing properly. HPE materials and assembly ensure you get the lowest error rate each every time you load the tape.

2. Recording Performance

Low error rates mean better recording performance. That's because HPE quality controls scrutinize the massive rolls of tape, miles long, as well as their smallest ingredients, just microns in size.

3. Tape Edge

One of the most common issues with poorly manufactured tapes is edge damage. HPE uses computer-guided slitting machines and laser targeting to ensure the cleanest and most reliable tape edge.

4. Abrasiveness

If the tape surface is too rough, it can wear the head down like sandpaper. But if it's too smooth, then the signal is too weak to record properly. With HPE, it's just right.

5. Coating

If the surface of your media is uneven, the effect on your tape drive is like driving down a road with gigantic speed bumps. Not only is this bad for recording data, it doesn't do much for the life expectancy of your tape drive. HPE's advanced coating technology ensures your tape drive has the smoothest ride, all of the time.

6. Binder and Lubricant

Tape media is made from particles coated in a special paint called a base film. If the consistency of the base film isn't right, then the particles will be unreadable and no recording can take place. This is one of the critical areas of manufacturing because there are billions upon billions of particles on every LTO tape.

7. Servo Writing

Servo tracks are like runway lights for the tape head, guiding it along the correct path to ensure it records safely. No prizes for guessing what happens if the runway lights go out. HPE servo testing and quality controls make sure they don't.

8. Archival Stability

HPE LTO Ultrium media can last for at least 30 years if properly stored. To ensure this happens, the tape is treated with a suit of armor coating using a process called passivization to make it tough enough to withstand the passing years.

9. All of the Above

At every stage, over-correcting one parameter has a knock-on effect of negatively impacting a different aspect of the recording process. Successful media manufacture is the ability to keep many complex variables precisely aligned all the time. It’s because HPE tracks every aspect of media and drive performance that HPE LTO Ultrium is made to be different and made to be better!

HP LTO Tape Media available at BackupWorks.com call your Account Rep today for all your HP LTO-5, HP LTO-6 and HP LTO-7 Tape Cartridge needs.

HP LTO-5 Ultrium Data Cartridge 1.5 TB / 3.0 TB LTO Ultrium-5 Tape Part # C7975A
C7976A HP LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Media 2.5TB/6.25TB Capacity Hewlett Packard LTO6 Data Cartridge Part# C7976A
HP LTO-7 Ultrium Tape Cartridge 6TB Native / 15TB Compressed LTO7 Tape Part# C7977A
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