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LenovoEMC RAID NVRs With Milestone Arcus Video Management System

LenovoEMC Limited announced a class of double-drive and four-drive desktop NVRs utilizing the video management software from Milestone Systems A/S, creating a video surveillance solution for single locations as well as distributed corporate enterprise installations.

The px2-300d NVR and the px4-400d NVR include support for the Milestone Interconnect feature, which allows the network storage devices to be interconnected with Milestone's software, XProtect Corporate, providing unlimited scalability in a central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites and numerous NVR units.

The NVRs with Milestone Arcus is bundled with camera licenses and software update plans for deployment out of the box and future feature and performance updates. Owners of existing px Series network storage products, desktop and rackmount models, can upgrade to the Milestone Arcus VMS as a download application.

By combining LenovoEMC world-class network storage technology with the Milestone Arcus VMS, LenovoEMC has created new NVRs that deliver superior reliability, image  quality, ease of installation and affordability unlike any other IP video surveillance solution available today, utilizing the Milestone Interconnect feature, the new LenovoEMC NVRs can now become part of a larger geographically dispersed surveillance network for enterprises as well as smaller business entities.  Whether you are a small office, an SMB or a distributed enterprise, the new LenovoEMC NVRs are versatile enough to grow with your business and security needs.

The solutions are tailored for businesses with an existing network storage-based video surveillance network as well as those participating in the ongoing industry upgrade from analog-based surveillance systems. 


  • Automated setup - or what we call 'No Configuration'; be up and running in minutes

  • NAS on top of video management appliance

  • Available in scalable 4TB and 8TB configurations

  • Four, 8 or 16 camera licenses included

  • Supports up to 16 analog cameras through the addition of a 16 channel PCIe card accessory, enabling those who have analog installations to use their current infrastructure as they migrate to IP

  • Hybrid NVR support for up to 20 IP cameras

  • Hundreds of branded IP cameras supported

  • Enterprise 24x7 disks, RAID protection, UPS support, and data replication

  • Supported software provides feature enhancements, updated camera drivers and performance enhancements

  • Supports motion detection, email alerts, mobile viewing via iOS, Android & Windows Phone

  • Optimized for forensic evidence with exporting of video clips

Milestone Arcus
Milestone Arcus is an embedded video surveillance platform for low-complexity security installations. A VMS solution that runs on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows related OSs, It offers a video management tool that for users of LenovoEMC NVRs.

Additional features of Arcus:

  • Language Support - User interface supports 26 languages

  • Multiple Level Users Accounts - administrator or standard accounts

  • Video Recording - Optimized for H.264, MPEG-4, or M-JPEG codecs

  • Multiple recording modes - Continuous or motion-based, including audio

  • Live View - Full screen and multi-view

  • Playback - Play, pause, stop, fast-forward, rewind, play next or previous recording functions

  • Export of video footage including audio for forensic evidence

The NVRs products are expected to be available beginning April 15

Pricing will start at approximately $999 for the px2-300d NVR with Milestone Arcus and $2,299 for the px4-400d NVR with Milestone Arcus.  Please contact your BackupWorks Account Rep today at 866 801 2944 for all your LenovoEMC Storage needs.


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