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Overland Storage NEO 400s 48-Slot LTO-5 HH Fiber Channel (FC) 4U Tape Library (IBM Drive) P/N: OV-NEO400s5FC

List Price: $9,999.00
Our Price: $5,998.00
In Stock: Yes
Manufacturer: Overland Storage
Manufacturer Part No: OV-NEO400s5FC


Overland Storage NEO 400s 48-Slot LTO-5 HH Fiber Channel (FC) Tape Library (with IBM Drives) Part # OV-NEO400s5FC

Keep it simple, we insist. The NEO 400S takes the complexity out of small office and departmental tape backup and disaster recovery infrastructures. Take advantage of simplified management without losing your ability to adapt to growth or changing applications demands. With capacity support up to over 144 TB, the latest in LTO technology (LTO-5) and support for disk-based backup, the NEO 400S can exceed your expectations.


Designed for offices with limited space, limited resources and limited budgets, the NEO S family of automated tape libraries delivers simple, affordable unattended backup, disaster recovery and archive.

Regardless of whether youre a small office, medium- sized business or distributed network environment, NEO S solutions meet a variety of backup and archive needs. While NEO S configurations vary by capacity and feature set, reliability, simplicity and affordability are at the heart of every NEO S model.

For data backup and archive needs that extend beyond entry-level requirements, the NEO 400S packs up to 144TB of capacity in a 4u form factor. Designed for more data intensive environments, the NEO 400S offers additional capabilities such as partitioning, redundant power and scalability up to 96 cartridges.


  • Capacity up to 144 TB
  • 4U form factor
  • Performance up to 4 TB/hr
  • SCSI, SAS & Fibre Channel configurations
  • Redundant power and partition options
  • Easily integrated with disk-based backup
  • Expansion option enabling up to 96 cartridges

Datasheet - PDF

     Overland Storage NEO 400s Datasheet - CLICK HERE

Technical Specifications

Drives and Media Type

Drives: LTO-4, LTO-5
Media Type: LTO-4 Ultrium, LTO-5 Ultrium


LTO-4 Compressed capacity per module: 76.8 TB

LTO-5 Compressed capacity per module: 144 TB


Interface: Ultra 320 LVD SCSI, 3Gbs SAS (LTO-4), 4Gbs FC(LTO-4),
6 Gbs SAS (LTO-5), 8 Gbs FC (LTO-5)

Warranty/Service 1 year


Number of cartridges: 48
Number of drives per module: Up to 4

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D): 6.9 x 18.9 x 31.7 in. (17.5 X 48 X 80.6 cm)
Shipping Weight: 47.2 lbs.(21.4 kg)


LTO-4 Compressed transfer rate: 2.3 TB/hr
LTO-5 Compressed transfer rate: 4 TB/hr

Part Numbers / Description

Autoloaders Add-ons  
OV-LNS101709 LTO-4, 48 cartridge, 1 drive (SCSI) OV-LNS901702 LTO-4, Add-on drive (HH, SCSI)
OV-LNS101710 LTO-4, 48 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS) OV-LNS901703 LTO-4, Add-on drive (HH, SAS)
OV-LNS101711 LTO-4, 48 cartridge, 1 drive (FC) OV-LNS901704 LTO-4, Add-on drive (FH, FC)
OV-LNS101715 LTO-5, 48 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS) OV-LNS901709 LTO-5, Add-on drive (HH, SAS) 
OV-LNS101716 LTO-5, 48 cartridge, 1 drive (FC) OV-LNS901710 LTO-5, Add-on drive (FH, FC) 
OV-NEO400s5SA LTO-5, 48 cartridge, 1 drive (SAS) OV-NEOsAD5SA NEOs LTO-5 SAS Add-on drive (IBM)
OV-NEO400s5FC LTO-5, 48 cartridge, 1 drive (FC) OV-NEOsAD5FC NEOs, LTO-5 Fiber CHannel (FC) Drive (IBM)
OV-LNS901705 NEO 400S redundant power option OV-AW187A NEO S Expansion Kit
OV-LNS901707 NEO 400S left-side magazine OV-SAS901711 LTO-5 SAS connectivity kit
OV-LNS901708 NEO 200S/400S right-side magazine OV-LNS901009 LTO-5 media, 5-pack with labels
OV-AW186A NEO S Encryption Kit OV-LNS901010 LTO-5 media, 20-pack without labels

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HP LTO-5 Ultrium Data Cartridge 1.5 TB / 3.0 TB LTO Ultrium-5 Tape Part# C7975A
HP LTO-5 Ultrium Data Cartridge 1.5 TB / 3.0 TB LTO Ultrium-5 Tape Part # C7975A
List Price: $220.00
Our Price: $27.25
HP LTO-5 Ultrium Data Cartridge 1.5 TB / 3.0 TB LTO Ultrium-5 Tape Part # C7975A
LTO-5 Ultrium Media - Increased capacity and performance: almost double the capacity and offers faster performance compared to LTO-4 HP C7975A LTO-5 Data Cartridge, LTO Ultrium-5 1.5TB Native 3.0TB Compressed
Free custom LTO-5 Barcode Labels w/min. purchase of 20 HP LTO-5 Tape Cartridges C7975A-BCL
Free custom LTO-5 Barcode Labels w/min. purchase of 20 HP C7975A LTO-5 Ultrium data cartridge tapes
List Price: $220.00
Our Price: $27.25
Free custom LTO-5 Barcode Labels w/min. purchase of  20 HP  C7975A LTO-5 Ultrium data cartridge tapes
Order 20 HP LTO-5 Tape Cartridges or more and receive FREE custom Sequence Barcode labels. C7975A Ultrium-5

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