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NEO 8000e by Overland Storage

NEO 8000e Enterprise-Class Tape Library by Overland Storage OV-LXE101622

NEO 8000e Overland Storage Tape Library NEO 8000e Tape Libary Overland Storage

NEO 8000e provides the long-term data storage and archiving solution for organizations with massive amounts of data. Embedded robustness, flexibility and intelligence are the cornerstone of the NEO 8000e, making it the ideal solution for the most demanding data centers.

NOTE: The NEO 8000e Tape Library by Overland Storage is a custom configured solution, for pricing inquiries please call your BackupWorks Rep at 866 801 2944 or contact us via email.  Free consultation is available along with technical conference calls with Overland Storage Engineers as necessary.  Call for a quote today!

Superior Cost of Ownership
Embedded connectivity capability ensures that your NEO 8000e not only fits seamlessly into virtually any environment but also adapts to any changes in that environment, protecting your initial library investment for the long-haul. Features such as integrated partitioning let you multi-task with your NEO 8000e library, allocating each partition to a separate backup task or environment without requiring additional costly hardware. Consuming less power than other enterprise-class tape libraries, NEO 8000e improves energy efficiency by reducing cooling and power requirements. Designed for enterprise environments but delivering midrange simplicity, NEO 8000e’s simplified configuration and installation approach results in lower installation, maintenance and service costs, making NEO 8000e a wise storage investment.

Intelligent Management
The NEO 8000e conveniently and intelligently manages the backup/archive process from anywhere in the world through a web-based remote management interface, reducing administrative costs and improving data availability. Features such as email alerts proactively identify potential issues with your backup/archive operation and provide diagnostic information used to isolate potential failures, reducing service costs and downtime associated with problem resolution.

The NEO 8000e has been specifically designed to serve as a “green” backup and archive solution for your energy-efficient data center. NEO 8000e not only reduces your electric bills but also decreases cooling requirements. In addition to being an “environmentally friendly” solution, NEO 8000e provides extremely dense backup and archive capability, reducing the carbon footprint and minimizing the use of costly data center space. So how do we make NEO 8000e run so efficiently?  Click Here! - Building a "Green" backup and Archive Solution NEO 8000e

High Data Availability
Whether it’s robotic failover, redundant hot-swap power, high-performance tape drive management or advanced diagnostics capabilities, NEO 8000e eliminates single points of failure that can result in costly downtime. Unlike other midrange and enterprise libraries, NEO 8000e provides redundant robotics in scaled environments, ensuring that you have access to your data in the event of a robotic failure. Designed to meet the reliability, availability and serviceability needs of backup and archive operations in high-performance, high duty cycle data center environments, NEO 8000e provides a robust, reliable platform that ensures your data is automatically safe and always available.

NEO 8000e’s innovative multi-module design lets you effortlessly customize your backup and archive solution as your data storage needs change. Starting with 100 cartridge slots and adding capacity in 80-slot increments lets you seamlessly add storage as you need it but does not require additional hardware or disruptive reconfiguration. Tape drive modules can also be added for increased performance capability. Once you’ve filled up your base NEO 8000e, simply add an additional NEO 8000e module for increased storage capacity and performance.

Datasheet - PDF

     Overland Storage NEO 8000e Tape Library Datasheet - CLICK HERE

NEO 8000e Overview

Form Factor 43U rackmount

# of data cartridge slots (per module)  Up to 500 (Comes standard with 100 slots; slots 101-500 available as options)

# of tape drives (per module) Up to 12

Maximum number of modules 2 (for a maximum of 1,000 cartridges and 24 tape drives)

Drive Types LTO-4, LTO-5

Network Interfaces SCSI, SAS, FC User Interface Front-panel touch-screen navigation; remote management

Capabilities Upgradable tape drives, mail slot functionality, remote management, robotic redundancy, redundant power, scalability up to 500 cartridges in a single module; scalability up to 2 modules, support for AES-256 bit encryption, partitioning

ISV Support NEO 8000e by Overland storage ISV Support Chart

Agency Certifications NRTL (US and Canada), CE, TUV, FCC, ICES (Canada), CE, VCCI, BSMI, RoHS, WEEE

# of mail slots 15

Tape drives supported LTO-4, LTO-5

Minimum Capacity (per module) LTO-4: 80TB
LTO-5: 150TB

Maximum Capacity (per module) LTO-4: 800TB
LTO-5: 1.5PB

Maximum Capacity (maximum # of modules) LTO-4: 1.6PB
LTO-5: 3PB

Minimum data transfer rate (per module) LTO-4: 432GB/hr
LTO-5: 504GB/hr

Maximum data transfer rate (per module) LTO-4: 10.4TB/hr
LTO-5: 12TB/hr

Maximum data transfer rate (maximum number of modules) LTO-4: 20.7TB/hr
LTO-5: 24TB/hr

Interfaces LTO-4: 4Gb FC, U320 LVD SCSI
LTO-5: 8Gb FC, 6Gb SAS

Connectors 68-pin VHDCI SCSI, LC optical fibre, 8088 Mini-SAS

Form Factor 43U full rack height

Dimensions (inches - unpackaged) 76”h x 24”w x 41.5”d

Weight (pounds – base configuration, shipping) 705

Inventory time Less than 5 minutes (with maximum number of cartridges/tape drives)

Power Requirements 638 watts (avg)

Input Requirements 100 - 240 VAC, 47-53Hz

Humidity (non-condensing; operating) 15% to 80%

Temperature range (operating) 10° to 40° C

Reliability >4,000,000 MCBF (robotic load/unload cycles)

Standard Warranty 1-year onsite
Accesories / Add-on Modules      
Description: Part Number: Description: Part Number:
NEO 8000E , 0 Drives 100 slots OV-LXE101622 NEO 8000, 0 Drives LTO-FC, 1 Drawer (100 Slot) 1-12 Drives OV-LXN101594

NEO 8000, 0 Drives LTO, 1 drawer (100 Slots) 1-12 Drives OV-LXN101510 NEO 8000e additional power supply OV-LXN901055

NEO E LTO4FH SCSI add-on drive OV-LXN901085 NEO 8000e 15-slot mail slot OV-LXN901065

NEO E LTO4FH FC add-on drive OV-LXN901086 NEO 8000e robotics expansion OV-LXN101546

NEO E LTO5FH SAS add-on drive OV-LXE901110 NEO 8000e frame expansion OV-LXN101534

NEO E LTO5FH FC add-on drive OV-LXE901111 NEO 8000 to 8000E upgrade kit OV-LXE901113

NEO E 8000 80-slot capacity increase module OV-LXN901058 NEO 8000E rear door panel option kit OV-LXN901112

Support Options/ Overland Care NEO 8000e      
Description: Part Number: Description: Part Number:
NEO 8000e onsite upgrade: 3-year, 7x24x365, 4-hour response EWGOLD3U-NE8 NEO 8000e onsite upgrade: 1-year, 5x9, next-business-day EWBRNZ1U-NE8

NEO 8000e onsite upgrade: 1-year, 7x24x365, 4-hour response EWGOLD1U-NE8 NEO 8000e onsite extension: 1-year, 7x24x365, 4-hour response EWGOLD1E-NE8

NEO 8000e onsite upgrade: 3-year, 5x9, 4-hour response EWSILV3U-NE8 NEO 8000e onsite extension: 1-year, 5x9, 4-hour response EWSILV1E-NE8

NEO 8000e onsite upgrade: 1-year, 5x9, 4-hour response EWSILV1U-NE8 NEO 8000e onsite extension: 1-year, 5x9, next-business-day EWBRNZ1E-NE8

NEO 8000e onsite upgrade: 3-year, 5x9, next-business-day EWBRNZ3U-NE8    

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