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Overland Storage NEOs T48 EOL Notice - Transition to NEOxl 40

Overland Storage have announced they will discontinuing the NEOs T48 product line and replacing it with the NEOxl 40 Tape Library. With the demand for tape storage capacity growing at double digit rates, IT professionals are looking for tape libraries that are more flexible and deliver a lower cost of ownership. Given this trend, Overland-Tandberg is discontinuing the NEOs T48 product line and recommending customers instead transition to the NEOxl 40 product line. Below is a list of part numbers affected by this announcement:


Discontinued Part No. UPC Discontinued Product
Replacement Part No. Replacement Product

OV-NEOsT486SA 695057122913 NEOs T48 4u/48-slot/1-LTO6 SAS  OV-NEOxl40A7S NEOxl 40 3u/40-slot base/1-drive/LTO7 SAS

OV-NEOsT486FC 695057122920 NEOs T48 4u/48-slot/1-LTO6 FC OV-NEOxl40A7F NEOxl 40 3u/40-slot base/1-drive/LTO7 dual-port FC

OV-NEOsT487SA 695057124856 NEOs T48 4u/48-slot/1-LTO7 SAS OV-NEOxl40A8S NEOxl 40 3u/40-slot base/1-drive/LTO8 SAS

OV-NEOsT487FC 695057124863 NEOs T48 4u/48-slot/1-LTO7 FC OV-NEOxl40A8F NEOxl 40 3u/40-slot base/1-drive/LTO8 dual-port FC

OV-NEOsT488SA 695057128311 NEOsT48 4u/48-slot/1-LTO8 SAS OV-NEOxl40A8S NEOxl 40 3u/40-slot base/1-drive/LTO8 SAS

OV-NEOsT488FC 695057128328 NEOsT48 4u/48-slot/1-LTO8 FC OV-NEOxl40A8F NEOxl 40 3u/40-slot base/1-drive/LTO8 dual-port FC


Key Dates To Consider

There are 3 key milestones to keep in mind as customers begin to transition away from the NEOsT48 and move to the NEOxl40:

  • Last order date: Orders for the impacted NEOs T48 part numbers will be accepted until July15, 2019, or while supplies last
  • Last ship date: Orders for the impacted NEOs T48 part numbers will be shipped by November 30, 2019, or while supplies last
  • End of service: Unless extended, Overland-Tandberg warranty contracts for the discontinued tape libraries will terminate on or before November 30, 2022. Customers wishing to extend their NEOs T48 warranty coverage may do so by purchasing the appropriate 1-year OverlandCare Warranty Extension package. These extension packages will be available until November30, 2021 and will expire on or before November30, 2022.

Please contact your BackupWorks.com Account rep and find out more about the Transition from The NEOs T48 to the Scalable NEOxl 40 Tape Library at 866 801 2944.  Need a quote?  Contact us today and ask for a NEOxl 40 quote, we have LTO-7 and LTO-8 NEOxl 40 tape libraries in stock, in both SAS and FC configurations.


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