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Quantum Scalar i3 Firmware Version i2.2 Release Notes

Updated Scalar i3 and i6 Firmware Now Available; Addresses Common Robot Error Conditions

About this Release

The Scalar i3 i2.2 (160G.GS161) release includes new features and enhancements as well as any Known Issues that could be experienced when using this firmware release. The bug fixes are described in the Resolved Issues section.

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features or enhancements:

  • FIPS support for IBM LTO-6, LTO-7, and LTO-8.
  • iBlade support for additional Windows-based applications.
  • Partitions increased up to 32 (Limitations apply. See documentation center for details).
  • Trap reporting enhancements.

General Information

  • With the Scalar i2.2 (160G.GS161) release, Scalar i3 systems with an Internet connection will now automatically update and level the iBlade BaseOS FW during a library FW update.
  • If the Scalar i3 system does not have an Internet connection, you can still update your iBlade BaseOS FW as described on our Documentation Center:
    • Go to www.quantum.com/documentation and select your product.
    • Go to Operate > User Guide > About Devices > Devices BaseOS . To will see detailed steps on updating iBlade BaseOS FW
  • Veeam Tape Server iBlades - If Microsoft Hyper-V or any other hypervisor is installed on the Veeam Tape Server iBlade, the Virtual Machine (VM) Operating System (OS) will not be able to see the blade FC/SAS controller. This will cause the Scalar drives to no longer be visible to the VM OS.
  • Bridging interfaces on the Veeam Tape Server iBlade is not supported and can cause network card issues.
  • Some snapshots, logs or RAS tickets ar e as large as 12 MBs. If you have automated notifications configured for RAS tickets and logs you may not receive them if your email does not allow attachments of this size.
  • To help maintain system integrity and for marketing purposes, Quantum regularly collects system inform ation through automatic emails (telemetrics). These emails contain configuration and status information only, and do not contain any customer data stored on the system. See WebGUI Default Settings for information on how to disable telemetrics.
  • The Web client places a cookie on the user's computer to provide the last user's credentials upon login. The cookie only collects the user's credentials to facilitate login, and does not collect any other user data.

Software Compatibility

To view a list of backup software packages which have been tested for interoperability with the Scalar i3 Library, see the Quantum Software Compatibility Guide at http://www.quantum.com/swcompguide.aspx .


Contact your BackupWorks.com Account rep today and ask about Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Libraries for your storage environment.

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