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RDX 8000 by Quantum - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why would I purchase an RDX 8000 instead of a tape autoloader?
Because the RDX 8000 8-slot removable disk library combines the speed of disk with the safety/best practices of tape providing the ultimate SMB data protection solution. This powerful combination makes it a cost-effective disk-based backup and disaster recovery solution all in one unit.

Also, the RDX 8000 is compatible backwards and forwards. It can use any RDX cartridge capacity from 160GB to 1TB available today and any cartridge capacity introduced in the future.

When combined with DATASTOR deduplication software, the Quantum RDX 8000 offers even faster backups and less network traffic, reducing data by up to 90%. In addition, customers will use at least 2/3 fewer cartridges than tape while achieving a greater version history. Why? Because with tape you overwrite old tapes periodically. With DATASTOR Shield’s 20:1 deduplication rate you can continue to add to your RDX cartridges and retain prior versions of files.

How do I connect to an RDX 8000?
The RDX 8000 uses an iSCSI interface that is connected via Ethernet. You connect the RDX 8000 to your network via a standard Ethernet connection. In order to connect via iSCSI you use an iSCSI initiator. Microsoft offers an iSCSI initiator that is included with Windows Server 2008; or there are several versions for other Windows systems for download from Microsoft.com.

Does the RDX 8000 support RAID?
No. The RDX 8000 uses removable RDX disks and therefore does not support RAID. RAID is not supported with removable media in general.

When would I use JBOD mode vs. tape emulation mode on the RDX 8000?
JBOD mode is recommended. It is faster and requires no cartridge formatting. JBOD mode is supported by most backup software packages.

Tape emulation mode would be used in the event that your backup software does not support JBOD mode.

Are both Ethernet ports supported in the RDX 8000?
Starting with version 2.0 of the firmware, both Ethernet ports will be active for data transfer. Prior to version 2.0, only Ethernet port 1 is active. Check Quantum.com for the latest firmware version.

Can I use the RDX 8000 with the Quantum NDX-8d NAS for disaster recovery?
Yes. This is a recommended configuration and a best practice. You can back up to an NDX-8d using DATASTOR Shield and then do an automated copy to the RDX 8000 for redundancy and offsite/offline disaster recovery. This creates a very cost effective and strong disaster recovery D2D2D system.

Do I need to purchase an RDX 8000 with DATASTOR Shield to use it with the NDX-8d?
No. When used for disaster recovery with the NDX-8d, you can purchase the RDX 8000 without DATASTOR Shield, at a lower cost. The NDX-8d can perform all the of the backup related tasks including copying to the RDX 8000.

Which RDX 8000 and NDX NAS should I purchase if I am using the NDX NAS for primary storage only and the RDX 8000 for backup and disaster recovery?
One option is to purchase the NDX-8d with DATASTOR Shield already installed and use the NDX-8d for primary storage only and have all backups directed to the RDX 8000. This way you do not need a separate backup server to run the software and you have no software to install. However, if you prefer to have DATASTOR Shield installed on a separate backup server then you should purchase the RDX 8000 with DATSTOR Shield and the NDX-8.

Can I use DATASTOR Shield to back up to my backup server and to the RDX 8000 both?
Yes. This is the best configuration for redundancy and keeping backups available online and available. You can create a D2D2D system by backing up to your backup server (or an NDX-8d) and then doing an automated copy to the RDX 8000. You can keep two years or more of data online and available while keeping a greater version history on RDX. The minimum requirement for available hard drive space is .75 to 1x (and the recommended is 1.5x to 2x) your backup size assuming you can achieve 2:1 compression on your initial backup and around 20:1 deduplication rate on subsequent backups.

Do I need the Advanced Feature Pack with replication to back up to my backup server and then copy to the RDX 8000 using DATASTOR Shield?
No. Copying to the RDX 8000 is a native function in DATASTOR Shield. Replication is need only if you are replicating the backup server to another backup server running DATASTOR Shield at a remote site. However, if you want bare metal restore, SQL or Exchange support then you would buy the Advanced Feature Pack which includes those functions as well.

What does agentless backup mean and how does it work?
Agentless means that Quantum DATASTOR Shield does not require software to be installed on the Windows client systems being backed up. DATASTOR Shield pushes a scheduled task out to each client system being protected. When this task runs it points back to an executable on the NDX-8d which contains the deduplication engine. The client system passes back only changed bits of data (deduplication). This generally results in a 20:1 deduplication ratio vs. 2:1 compression with typical backup software -- which means only 1/10 the data is sent over the network and stored with DATASTOR Shield vs. traditional backup software.

Can Quantum DATASTOR Shield protect data from non-Windows systems?
Yes. However the data would be deduplicated on the backup server and not on the client. Data from non-Windows systems is copied to the backup server in non-deduplicated form. The data is deduplicated on the backup server and stored by a local protection plan. A planned future enhancement will allow for deduplication on Linux based systems before being sent over the network.

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