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RDX QuikStation for Veeam Backup and Replication

Retrofitting physical backup tools in order to accommodate the needs of virtualization limits their capabilities and adds unnecessary complexity and cost.

Veeam Backup & Replication is Modern Data Protection that is Built for Virtualization. It delivers powerful, reliable, affordable and easy-to-use data protection for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V servers and data. With backup and replication consolidated into a single product, Veeam Backup & Replication leverages the advantages of virtualization so that you never have to update another agent, recover another virtual machine from scratch or explain why backups take too long. However, this virtualization-powered data protection does not support tape or any other type of removable storage device. Now, by integrating Tandberg Data’s RDX QuikStation removable disk-based storage system, small and medium-sized Veeam users that want “tape” data protection gain two unique benefits:

  • Reliable, removable backup capability
  • Off-site storage for disaster recovery

A Univeral Device

Tandberg Data’s RDX QuikStation combines the advantages of RDX removable disk technology with iSCSI network connectivity and storage automation in one product.

A truly universal device for both virtualized and physical server environments, the RDX QuikStation offers the unique ability to deliver cost efficiency, durability, media removability for offsite storage and direct data access with the performance of random- access disk and the flexibility of iSCSI network connectivity. Additionally, the RDX QuikStation can be shared across multiple host systems that are either local or remote.

The RDX QuikStation offers an easy-to-use target for backup, archive or data exchange for SMB customers that require physical data transport or offline/offsite data protection. With its iSCSI interface, the RDX QuikStation can be integrated seamlessly into virtualized environments for backup with Veeam.

RDX QuikStation Benefits:

  • Robust: Up to 32TB online capacity with unlimited offline capacity
  • Fast: Up to 8 concurrent write/read operations with 200 MB/s read/write performance
  • Configure iSCSI storage targets and/or emulate Tandberg Data Tape libraries
  • Compact: 2U rackmount form factor

RDX Technology Benefits:

  • Removable disk-based technology
  • Combines the best of disk and tape
  • Fast for backup and restore
  • Simple to install and use
  • Shock and static proof design
  • Forward and backward compatibility
  • Extensive roadmap

Recommended QuikStation Mode for Veeam Backup and Replication

The Veeam Backup & Replication Server or Veeam Repository Server can connect to up to eight individual RDX drives for one to eight hosts via the Microsoft iSCSI initiator. After starting the Microsoft iSCSI initiator and entering the IP address of the QuikStation as the target, all eight RDX drives of the RDX QuikStation will appear. Windows Disk Manager will display the status of all RDX QuikStation docks whenever an RDX cartridge is inserted into any RDX docks.

The RDX QuikStation docks are recognized by Veeam as Removable Disk Devices, which enable the selection of a retention policy that specifies the number of restore points Veeam will retain on the RDX system. In the event a new RDX cartridge is introduced, Veeam will indicate zero available restore points and initiate a new backup operation.

As a final recommendation, store a replica of the Veeam Backup Server on an RDX cartridge in the QuikStation or at an off-site location. This replica Veeam Backup Server can be mounted directly from an RDX cartridge accessible via iSCSI to an ESX host, which will quickly start a restore operation and provide immediate access to business-critical data and systems. Or even restore your business-critical data with a RDX system that connects to the Veeam Backup Server.

RDX QuikStation Overview

Tandberg Data’s RDX QuikStation is an iSCSI network-attached, removable disk library designed to provide a multi-cartridge platform for data storage, backup, archive and disaster recovery for SMB and SME environments. The RDX QuikStation is based on industry-standard RDX removable disk technology which combines the removability, durability and economy of tape with the random accessibility and performance of disk.

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