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SnapSAN S1000 Modular Storage Array by Overland Storage 2U 8TB (4 x 2TB SATA ENT HDD), iSCSI, 4TB FREE OV-PRO101001

List Price: $7,489.00
Our Price: $6,549.00
In Stock: Yes
Manufacturer: Overland Storage
Manufacturer Part No: OV-PRO101001


S1000 Promotion Bundle OV-PRO101001 - Empty S1000 Chassis, Single iSCSI RAID controller module (1GbE iSCSI, 4 port) & a 4-Pack of 2TB Enterprise Class SATA Hard Drives

SnapSAN S1000 Promotion - 8TB iSCSI for the price of 4TB

Product Description

The SnapSAN S1000 modular storage array is an ideal platform for providing non-stop storage services to the most demanding applications. Designed for high availability, the S1000 combines advanced data protection features and proven reliability with flexible host connectivity to ensure that it will integrate into any storage environment, right out of the box. Installation and management are simple and straight-forward with your choice of single or dual controllers; iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or SAS connectivity, and the ability to scale to 120TB. The SnapSAN S1000 delivers the perfect balance of price, performance, availability, and features to meet your business’s needs.

The S1000 meets the critical needs for every business, providing an affordable, scalable and easy to manage solution without sacrificing performance or flexibility.  Capabilities include: Dual Controllers with active failover, Flexible Connectivity (choose from iSCSI, FC or SAS), Windows Integration (MPIO and VSS), Online Capacity Expansion, Snapshots and Dive Spin-Down reducing power consumption.

Datasheet - PDF

Overland Storage SnapSAN S1000 Datasheet - Click Here

SnapSAN S1000 Configuration Guide - Click Here

SnapSan S1000 Overview

Form Factor S1000: 2U | E1000: 2U
System Scalability SAS: 1.2TB - 36TB | SATA: 4TB - 120TB
Drive Types S1000: Up to 12 SATA or SAS drives | E1000 Expansions: Up to 12 SATA or SAS drives (sold in 4-packs)
RAID Levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60
Access Method Access as a local device via iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or SAS
Capabilities Dual Controllers, Flexible Connectivity, Windows Integration, Online Capacity Expansion, Snapshots, Drive Spin-Down

Technical Specifications

Controller Option 1GbE iSCSI 10GbE iSCSI Fibre Channel SAS

Connectivity per Controller
(Two controllers per system)
Four RJ-45 1GbE ports
(Eight per system)
Two 10GbE SFP+ ports
(Four per system)
Two 4Gb SFP
(Four per system)
Two 6Gb/s SFF-8088
(Four per system)

Host Connection Support 32 nodes per target
32 nodes per target
16 hosts per volume
32 nodes per target
32 nodes per target
16 hosts per volume
32 nodes per target
32 nodes per target
16 hosts per volume
16 hosts per volume

iSCSI Features iSCSI off-load engine;
Compliant with iSCSI standard, RFC 3730; Supports iSCSI Persistent Reservations; Jumbo frames; CHAP
iSCSI off-load engine;
Compliant with iSCSI standard, RFC 3730; Supports iSCSI Persistent Reservations; Jumbo frames; CHAP

Multipath Support MPIO, MC/S MPIO, MC/S MPIO MPIO

Load Balancing Switch Trunking, 802.3ad, LACP Switch Trunking, 802.3ad, LACP N/A N/A

Initiator OS Support Microsoft: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V
VMware: ESX 4.0, ESX 4.0 U1, ESX 4.0 U2, ESX 4.1
Citrix: XenServer 5.6
Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5
Apple: Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 (using ATTO initiator for iSCSI)
UNIX: Solaris 10 (Sparc and X86)

Certifications Microsoft: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2
VMware: VMware Ready

Management Front Panel LCD; Serial console; SSH; Telnet; HTTP Web UI; Secured Web (HTTPS); iSNS; S.E.S.
Seamless management port take-over
Online firmware upgrade, no system down time
Notification: Email; SNMP trap; Browser pop-up windows; Syslog; Windows Messenger
One RJ-45 10/100M Ethernet per controller; Two UART connections for serial console and UPS communication

Snapshots 512 per array; writable snapshots, Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) provider included

Green Features Green SATA drive option available
Auto disk spin down
Advanced cooling mechanism
80 PLUS energy-efficient power supplies

High Availability – Mirroring Active/Active Dual Controllers with Failover with Mirrored Cache

Windows Support VSS Provider, MPIO Support, Microsoft Cluster Server Support, Microsoft Hyper-V Support

VMware Support Certified VMware Ready

Drive Configuration SAS: 300GB, 600GB | Enterprise SATA: 1TB, 2TB | Green SATA: 1TB, 2TB

RAID Levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60

Advanced RAID Support Up to 1024 logical volumes
Global and dedicated hot spare
Write-through or write-back cache policy
Online disk roaming; Online volume expansion; Online RAID migration
Volume Cloning

Expansion Array Interface Includes redundant external Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) ports for expansion, Supports up to 4 SnapDisk E1000 expansion enclosures

Physical / Mounting Width: 17.5 in (442.8 mm), Height: 3.5 in (88 mm) 2U, Depth: 19.8 in (500.6 mm), Weight: 55 lbs, 19 in rackmount slide rails included
Minimum rack depth 32 in (812.8 mm)

 Agency Approvals CE, cULus, FCC Class A, RoHS

Power 500W auto ranging, hot swappable modules (1+1 Redundant), 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 7 - 4 Amp
Maximum Dual: 424W; Single: 392W – 12 x 2TB HDD
Normal Dual: 314W; Single 282W – 12 x 2TB HDD, full-speed fans and drives spun up
Standby Dual: 250W; Single: 218W – 12 x 2TB HDD, low-speed fans and drives spun down
No HDD Dual: 154W; Single: 122W

Environmental Limits Operating Temperature Range: 0° C to 40°C (32° to 104° F), Operating Humidity Range: 5% - 95% non-condensing, Operating Altitude: - 200 ft. to 10,000 ft. (0m to 3,048m)

Standard Warranty 3-year

Configuration Options

Base Systems  
SnapSAN S1000, 0-DRIVE OV-SAN201006

Controller Modules  
SnapSAN S1000, 1GbE iSCSI OV-ACC901042

SnapSAN S1000, 10GbE iSCSI OV-ACC901040

SnapSAN S1000, 4Gb FC OV-ACC901041

SnapSAN S1000, 6Gb FC OV-ACC901043

SnapDisk Expansion E1000 (empty chassis) OV-EXP201001

Drive 4-Packs  
ACC – HDD, 1TB SATA GRN with carrier, 4-pack                         OV-ACC901028

ACC – HDD, 2TB SATA GRN with carrier, 4-pack OV-ACC901032

ACC – HDD, 1TB SATA ENT with carrier, 4-pack OV-ACC901030

ACC – HDD, 2TB SATA ENT with carrier, 4-pack OV-ACC901034

ACC – HDD, 300GB SAS with carrier, 4-pack OV-ACC901036

ACC – HDD, 600GB SAS with carrier, 4-pack OV-ACC901038

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