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Symply is designed to solve your storage workflow needs whether that's onset at the point of acquisition or it's back in the edit or it's the long-term preservation and access of your data so Symply is unique because we are addressing the actual needs that people have in terms of support in terms of product design feature set serviceability so a lot of our products are designed even from the the products that you use on set whether that's a direct attached raid or an lto system you know you can change things like fans and power supplies as well as hard drives you know we're using uh sort of all metal designs that are designed to to handle the durability of use on location and in the facility. What's the news here at NAB? so we've launched three new products here at NAB uh 2024 so we have a new 4 bay  direct attached raid from our spark family so we have the regular spark and then we have our spark XT also available in this new 4 base so our spark XT uses the multi-actuator drive technology from our partner Seagate so we can actually outperform competitive 8 bay raids from a uh super compact all metal rugged designed uh 4 Bay desktop so brilliant for dit and DA's workflows or kind of small uh editors uh We've also launched our range of tape libraries so we've actually got the world's most comprehensive range of Standalone LTO systems with either SAS Thunderbolt or ethernet connectivity and here we've launched our new libraries so again with SAS or fiber channel connectivity and also native um Thunderbolt or uh ethernet connectivity integrated into the library uh we start with a 1u 8 slot we have a 2u 24 slot a 3u 40 slot uh and a 6u 80 slot Library um so we're really providing that kind of value ad option to people that now want automation that have come to great kind of user experience that we've offered to Standalone users and then the third product we've launched is our on premises uh object storage platform so symply Aura so this is a 2u appliance that allows you to start from a single unit um and scale your Object Store so for your active archive or your backup and your long-term preservation of content you know this is your private Cloud that you can bring inh house um we can run embedded applications on there as well so a lot of really nice kind of functionality that we've built into this and we've all three have really come about through listening to what our customers want one of the challenges of developing Hardware is trying to figure out where the market is going what trends are you watching that we should pay attention to? So we really um looking at how people are working you know on set and back in the facility as well and how you kind of join those up so something like you know Spark 4 was built out of people that wanted something that was much more compact but still really really fast you know moving stuff around Logistics wise everyone is bothered about cost you know what is it in shipping stuff around you know everything's becoming much more expensive so even commodity storage is coming down there's this massive expanse of data you know everyone's shooting 4K higher frame rates you know even on an iPhone 15 Pro now you can be churning through data like there's no tomorrow and people want to keep that you might want to go back to projects that you know you shot a year ago or a year and a half ago to repurpose or reuse some of that so we're actually engaging in that conversation around LTO with these people you know you could spend $5,000 on a raid but you could also spend $5,000 on an LTO drive with an equivalent amount of tapes that stores that same amount of data but the benefit is with LTO is you've got that 30-year shelf life you've got that security you've got that resilience against ransomware and malware and things like that um and you know you're offloading storage is about understanding the balance of you know what I use an SSD for what I use a raid for you know of people just keep buying primary storage and whether you are a production company a post house or a broadcaster or Film Studio the principles all are the same and that applies to this new Creator and these influencers as well that actually you know rather than just having a cupboard full of hard drives in 2 years time think about what do I want to do to preserve this data and how do I do this more securely and actually more cost effectively over a longer period of time we were founded in 2016 with a view of addressing the needs of of users so we listen to what users want you know we have uh R&D that is very much focused on you know the serviceability the reliability of the product uh and we're backing it up with professional level support you know we have a responsive ticketing system if you want to talk to a human being pick up the phone and call us we will answer it we will talk to you from a pre-sales a post sales perspective um you know we have a very good relationship with the partners that we work with so you know we really want to have a very joined up approach to servicing users because that's what's been lacking uh we feel in the market for quite a long time.


Contact your BackupWorks Account Rep and ask about Symply Storage Products at 866 801 2944           

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