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Tape Roadmaps and Tape Library Innovation - IBM's Tape Evangelist and Strategist Shawn Brume

Fujifilm’s 12th Annual Global IT Executive Summit was Shawn Brume of IBM. With more than 20 years of experience in magnetic tape, Shawn is currently the Tape Evangelist and Strategist for IBM’s Data Retention Infrastructures team. In this segment of his presentation, Shawn reviews the IBM LTO Enterprise Tape Libraries and LTO tape roadmaps. In addition, Shawn provides an introduction to new IBM tape library innovations.



GS 1100 there's two families it's no secret and we have the first family which is named the TS 1100 line from IBM enterprise-based we've always had compatibility we'll continue to offer compatibility and keep things under assessment but we're really pushing for capacity driving the Next Generation the Seventh Generation which is easy for me to just put ts1170 because it's probably what it'll be at up to 50 terabytes and up to 500 megabytes per second so we're going to increase both dramatically increase the amount of data on that cartridge and we expect it will continue to double that in the future with Gen 8. now lto and all together different discussion we all know lto lto9 came out with 18 terabytes and I'll say it you didn't meet the roadmap okay we got that finished we didn't we didn't meet the roadmap but guess what if you go back far enough whoa we didn't meet it back there on Gen 6 either we have to have technology resets and those technology resets set us up for the future and success where it's going to count if you look at where the data was sitting where people were buying 18 terabytes fit the overall Market but it set the development and the lto teams up for success with lto10 personally as an analyst View 36 terabytes is more more than achievable tape for tape it can probably come sooner to do 36 terabytes and it's going to set up success with the next few generations to where they're double double and all of a sudden you know you put it in a library that you currently have 28 petabytes in and by 2035 with a 580 terabyte cartridge anybody do the math real fast 918 exabytes in the same space remember we just shifted from petabytes to exabytes a 28 petabyte library is now going to hold 918 exabytes at the 580 terabyte cartridge so lto roadmap is going to continue to expand look we have technology resets we have technology plans and sometimes they don't jive with what everybody wants but lto's done a really good job of meeting that over time the entire industry is in transformation software Hardware drives libraries IBM is very focused on libraries because as Jamie said very eloquently the availability and the durability are being defined by storage pods not by the individual Hardware aha density has to be in the floor space and it has to be in a standard rack size and it has to be storage that matters so today we offer tis 4500 in a high density configuration at about 13.4 petabytes per square meter right 10 square feet for those of you that can't convert and you expand this library with frames it just gets huge right this year we're gonna announce the ultra density tape Library 28.5 petabytes in less than a square meter less than around 9.2 square feet no side clearance but no expandability and by the time the next Generation do the math TS 1170 comes out 60 petabytes in that same floor space well 9.2 square feet sustainable data center Dimensions 19 inch racks front and back access no Side Access it has the same performance as a ts-4500 as far as accessibility density in the media in the floor space so you get dense media and in the floor space you put a whole bunch of cartridges reduce the embedded carbon big message this cuts the embedded carbon carbon just by having the amount of Steel and plastic that you need to hold the same data and it improves Pue by reducing the overall consumption ease of installation for those of you have a ts-4500 it's not a ts-4500 less than 20 minutes to install this right roll it out when you're ready get started 20 minutes from dropping the wheels to kicking off the configuration to go ease of service these are the new tools of service and everything is captured Okay so human interaction with those contained actions less than two minutes to replace things like robots drives anything that might regularly fail because hey look things fail no service specialists and we're going to continue just like the rest of the industry by the way I'm an industry player I like the coopetition everybody's going to continue to offer desk side drives so that you can send these drives to the field and get your m e data back on just the cartridge and consume it quickly small libraries stackable libraries which will continue to grow to meet the expectations and by the way in this space the way it's going stackable libraries are going to play more and more of a role as we do move to Erasure coding especially as 36 terabyte drives come around with 36 terabyte cartridges and a 3u will now hold 1.4 petabytes of data the new ultra dense City Library we're not taking anything away we're adding this to the infrastructure it's hyperscale ocp inspired right not no no sticker but that's where we went with the 19-inch dimensions but it's not just for hyperscalers right if you have deep archives you never should touch your media what a great place to store your media and create an air gap for everything you need and the TS 4500 which today can grow to 417 petabytes and tomorrow is going to be somewhere around 850 petabytes in a single image the ultimate note tape lives the definition of sustainability economically feasible It's contained in by grabbing societal data pulling that data in retaining it with provenance and it supports the environment and when you start putting this into the three PS right planet people and profit it all comes back that's all I have Rich and everybody else uh thanks for putting me on stage with all the big dogs I appreciate it.

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